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3921 N Smokey Topaz, Tucson AZ
By Confirmed Appointment Only
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News:  [As of September 15, 2020]

Important Note: ThaiYogaMetta.com will be moving to a new web host.  
From September 15 to October 15 traffic will be forwarded to ThaiYogaMetta.net

Please Use
ThaiYogaMetta.net or ThaiYogaMadison.com or ThaiYogaTucson.com
until the transfer is complete.  Thank you!

Covid19 Update

ThaiYogaMetta is temporarily closed
until we feel it is safe to begin offering sessions.

We aim to be open when the local data indicate that cases have
been dropping for 14 days. We may open sooner.  Stay tuned.

We care about you and our community and will follow best
safe practices when we do open.  Be safe and stay well.

Location Schedule:
Tucson AZ:    Temporily Closed due to COVID19: Stay Tuned
Madison WI:  Temporily Closed due to COVID19: Stay Tuned

Don Jones: In Tucson AZ. Plans to return to Madison in Spring 2021
Lucy Kay: In Sister Bay WI. May return to Madison in 2021
For other practitioners email Info@ThaiYogaMetta.net

Service Offerings:  (See Services & Rates)
Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Thai Head & Neck Massage,
Thai Acupressure, Tok Sen, Meditation Consultation,
Thai Myofascial Release, Freestyle Energy Balancing