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Thai Yoga Metta  Thai Massage
East Tucson Near Agua Calente Park
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News:  [As of October 6, 2021]
Covid19 Update
Tucson ThaiYogaMetta Re-Opened June 1st, 2021
Madison ThaiYogaMetta Re-Opened September 1st, 2021

We care about you and our community and will follow
Best Safe Practices..  Be safe and stay well.

Temporary Resrtictions and Procedures
1. Proof of vaccinations and completed waiting period
2. No Current active symptoms
3. No known exposures within two weeks.
4. There will be a contactless temperature test upon arrival
5. Please shower and bring clean clothes to wear for the seession.
6. Please wash or sanitize hands upon arrival
7. Wearing a mask is optional for you but I may wear one.
8. No one will be scheduled before or after on your session that day
9. These procedures are temporary and will be updated.

My apologies to those who do not have or have chosen not to get the COVID vaccines at this time.  I understand and respect your choice.  The Temporary Restrictions and Procedures I have put in place are to best protect family members, friends and existing clients who have shared their wishes, opinions and advise.

Over time these restrictions will be reduced and dropped.

Location Schedule:
Tucson AZ:    Re-opened June 1st, 2021
Madison WI:  September & October 2021
Tucson AZ: November - March 2022
Madison WI:  April - July 2022
Tucson AZ: July - October 2022
Thailand: October - January 2023

Don Jones: See Location Schedule above
Lucy Kay:   Has moved to Colorado for more training
For other practitioners email: Info@ThaiYogaMetta.net

Service Offerings:  (See Services & Rates)
Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Thai Head & Neck Massage,
Thai Acupressure, Tok Sen, Meditation Consultation,
Thai Myofascial Release, Freestyle Energy Balancing