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Thai Yoga Metta Thai Massage Sessions
In Thailand, Traditional Thai ‘Massage’ or Nuad Boran sessions often last 3-4 hours. In western  culture, most people are not accustomed to this length of session (although once they've had it, they will rarely want anything less!).  However, our busy  lifestyles sometimes require sessions to be more streamlined.  I offer  well-rounded sessions from 1-4 hours to accommodate everyone.  I highly recommend a minimum of 2 hours to fully reap the benefits of this precious yoga therapy.

Please wear comfortable, non-restricting clothing for your session (such as yoga clothing, pajama  pants, stretch leggings, loose shirts etc. Shorts are not recommended).

Thai Yoga Metta New Client Special - $90 for a two Hour Session
Discover the benefits of a Thai Yoga Metta session with this special one-time offer.  

Multi-Session Wellness Packages
There are significant savings available committing to regular sessions.  See the rate chart for the current multi-session package rates.

*New Service Offerings*
Thai Acupressure
Thai Acupressure is an acupressure point therapy from Thailand called Nuad Kod Jud.  It is taught at the Wat Po School  in Bangkok.  It is used to treat orthopedic disorders (headaches, face, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, elbow, wrist, fingers, back, hip, legs, knees, ankles, foot, toes).   This technique will be applied in 30 minute additions to a Thai Massage Session of specific Thai Acupressure point therapy.  This is for existing clients only.  It can be a substitution in a standard Thai session. A Thai assessment session may be required.

Tok Sen
Tok Sen is a technique from Northern Thailand that uses a wooden mallet and peg to tap lightly on the Sen (energy ) lines and points.  This technique produces vibration on the energy lines in the body and a rhythmic sound therapy that is deeply relaxing and soothing.  Tok Sen is integrated into a 2Hr Thai Yoga Therapy Session. You must be an existing client. A Thai assessment session may be required.

Meditation Consultation (by donation only)
Silent Deep Meditation Consultation. Do you have a seated, silent, deep meditation practice that you would like help with?  Or would you like to explore and develop your own practice?
Let's talk, sit together and see if we can deepen your experience.

Thai Myofascial Release
I use a Thai Yoga Therapy style of Myofascial Release. This is John Barnes style Myofascial Release integrated into a Thai Yoga Therapy session. Myofascial Release, or MFR, is a technique for facilitating the release of bound or frozen fascia which can be the root cause of many physical discomforts and issues.  You must have had previous Thai Yoga Metta sessions with me.  Prior Thai assessment session is required.

Freestyle Energy Balancing
Freestyle Integrative Energy Balancing. You must be an existing client and have completed a 3 session Thai Yoga Metta series within a short period. Details to be discussed.

In-Home Services
For those who can not travel to my locations or would prefer to receive a session in the comfort and privacy of their own environment I will travel to your location if you are within 30 minutes travel time.  The standard rate for this is $150 for the first hour.  A two hour in-home Thai Yoga Metta session would be $180.  See RATES for more information.  If you are further away and want an in-home session please contact me to make arramgements.

Previous Specials & Prior Commitments
Over the months and years I have made many special offers.  All prior printed offers have now expired.   New offers will have expiration dates of Jan 1, 2019 or beyond.  If you hold an old unredeemed gift certificate please contact me before booking your session.   All prior personal rate commitments will be honored.
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