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Continuing Thai Specials:
2 Hour Sessions for $90, 3Hrs for $150
2 Hr Thai Yoga Session for $90, 3hrs for $150
10% Off - $108/2hrs
Has it been 6 months or more since you have been in for a Thai Yoga Metta Session?  Whatever the reason come on back and experience the blissful deep relaxation and energizing rejuvenation.
2 Hour Thai Yoga Session for $60
If you are a current full time student and have a current student ID, or if you are on living on a very limited income you may take advantage of this offer.
$300/6hrs ($50/hr) used for 2-3 hr Sessions
at any frequency with a 3 month expiration date.
*Gift Certificates:  Expire 1yr from date of purchase.   Gift Certificates purchased in Madison or Seattle will have limited opportunities for redemption and are best purchased to be used during one of my scheduled visits.  Gift Certificates are not intended for use by the purchaser.

**Packages:  6hr packages expire 3 months from purchase date.  It will be the clients responsibility to use up all prepaid sessions during the 3 month period.